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Affordable Serviced Accommodation for Corporates in Ayr

At Sunrise, we delve into the realm of corporate nomads, recognizing their unique search for temporary havens. Our accommodations blend comfort, convenience, and affordability, meticulously crafted to create an experience that aligns with your professional goals. Relax in spacious retreats adorned with essential amenities such as fully equipped kitchens and high-speed internet. Strategically located in Ayr, our residences offer effortless access to your workplace and local attractions. Immerse yourself in seamless bookings and personalized service throughout your stay. Choose Sunrise to surpass typical corporate accommodations and elevate your business journey with an unparalleled mix of comfort and charm.

Sunrise Short Term Lets Serviced Accommodation


At Sunrise, we specialize in customizing serviced accommodations for our corporate guests. Seamlessly blending productivity and relaxation, our offerings provide a unique experience in Ayr.

Sunrise Short Term Lets Serviced Accommodation


Discover unparalleled convenience at our prime locations across Ayr. Our properties redefine accessibility, seamlessly granting access to diverse work sites and local attractions, ensuring your stay is effortless and enjoyable.

Sunrise Short Term Lets Serviced Accommodation


Experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability at Sunrise. Our competitive rates prioritize your satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of quality, ensuring a personalized experience.

Sunrise Short Term Lets Serviced Accommodation


At Sunrise, convenience reigns supreme from booking to checkout. With attentive service and responsive support, we guarantee a seamless stay, empowering you to confidently focus on your business objectives.

Sunrise Short Term Lets Serviced Accommodation

Sunrise at Ayr

Serviced 2 Bedroom Apartment in Ayr

Ayr, UK

Unwind in our serviced 2-bedroom apartment for up to 4 guests, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, free WiFi, and reserved parking. Your perfect retreat by the sea awaits!



Experience the flexibility and comfort of Sunrise Short Term Lets across Dundee, Edinburgh, Ayr, Glasgow, and Perth in Scotland. Your unique needs are our priority, making us the top choice for your lodging.

We specialize in accommodation for relocators, contractors, and professionals, with a focus on monthly stays. Short-term bookings are also welcome to fill gaps between reservations.

Stay comfortably while working on projects or overseeing developments, without the need to be on-site constantly.

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