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Welcome to our vibrant bed and breakfast in Glasgow, UK! Located in the heart of Scotland's largest city, our accommodation offers a lively retreat for travelers seeking culture, entertainment, and urban exploration. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Glasgow, where historic architecture, world-class museums, and bustling nightlife await your discovery.

Sunrise at Glasgow

Serviced 2 Bedroom Apartment in Glasgow

Glasgow, UK

Experience Glasgow's charm at your doorstep! Enjoy a serviced 2-bedroom apartment for up to 4 guests, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, free WiFi, and reserved parking.



Experience the flexibility and comfort of Sunrise Short Term Lets across Dundee, Edinburgh, Ayr, Glasgow, and Perth in Scotland. Your unique needs are our priority, making us the top choice for your lodging.

We specialize in accommodation for relocators, contractors, and professionals, with a focus on monthly stays. Short-term bookings are also welcome to fill gaps between reservations.

Stay comfortably while working on projects or overseeing developments, without the need to be on-site constantly.

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